What’s Destroying My Business Online?

There’s a disconnect

Businesses frequently come my way and ask “How can I make my website work better? What’s destroying my business online?” They come in seeking my help and expertise. Typically, they already have a site built, and it’s just not pulling its weight. They have great ideas of what they can do to make their website work better. So when they come to me, I have them go through my process for getting started. Once they go through the process, I move forward to asking further questions to create my proposal. In doing that, I often find that the goals they are trying to accomplish do not line up with what their project ideas.

When this is the case, I reach out to book a discovery session with the stakeholders. In doing a discovery session, it allows me to see what the deal actually is. This process helps everyone involved to understand what the problem is and identify a course of action to solve that problem. In these discovery sessions, it’s not uncommon to hear terms like “Our site sucks!” or “Our site doesn’t do anything we need it to!”. It’s incredible to see these frustrations when these businesses have already spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new website to help their business grow. Throw in marketing expenses and ad campaigns to drive traffic; companies see money burn by the barrel.

So, What’s Destroying my Business Online?

Typically, the outcome of one of these sessions will help identify a problem in one of the following areas:

  1. Not knowing the audience
  2. Lack of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Unclear navigation
  4. The site isn’t mobile optimized
  5. Poor design

As a result of any or all of the items listed above, their websites don’t perform like they want them to. Often leaving them tired and frustrated. They may even feel burned by those that have helped in the past. Websites that perform well take hard work and substantial attention to detail. They leave with the question of “What’s destroying my business online?”. Because this is an issue I have been running into a lot, I am posting in my blog over the next several weeks about each of these above items. There will be a new piece on each of the above, to help you understand each one.  As a result, I hope this will help you avoid these mistakes that may be costing your business more than you know.

After writing this intro, I’d like to open myself up for questions. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss any questions or concerns you may have on this, please reach out to me via my contact form. I love to see how I can help businesses make their websites work better for them. Let me see how I can help yours.