Campbell’s Soup Holiday Merchandise Promotion

The Campbell’s Holiday collection is the dream product for a select group of loyal Campbell’s Soup fans. They look forward to the product releases every year and pretty much throw money at the new calendars, ornaments, and figurines that get released each year. 

It was my first year with TMP and I was assigned the task of getting this program back to where it once was. The year before there was an attempt to extend the holiday season for Campbell’s that resulted in an early holiday release and the sales of the collection flopped. The result after much collaboration with our contact’s over at Campbell’s and work with my merchandising team at TMP was this mail-order flyer and email promotion. The collection did extremely well and crushed the sales of the years prior with the email alone bringing in more than $45,000 in revenue which was almost double the previous year’s release. Not to mention increased mail-orders for the products.