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I've been doing design for websites and user interface elements for a few years now. Here's some of my most recent work. Feel free to check it out and visit the sites.


Blue Moon Brewing Company was an eCommerce site that came in from a deal signed with TMP by Miller-Coors. This business deal was beginning to get shaky at this point due to poor company performance on previous sites that had been well behind schedule and being shipped with poor quality standards in place.

This site was delivered on time, and to client expectations, with brand standards held heavily in place. The performance on this site is still gaining speed as it launched in late summer of 2016, but the business relationship with Miller-Coors is coming back to a stronger place after the work on this site. This site represents a true change in design processes, incorporating heavy research, and selling the work behind the designs that was not done previously, and a solid quality assurance process that helped clean up the work immensely.

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is undergoing a strong transition as they’ve recently hired a new CEO and Communications Manager. This has caused an onset of new initiatives with heavy play in a new brand website, along with a much higher emphasis on licensing deals. TMP was brought in as the organization was in search of a new licensee to handle eCommerce operations.

Research was key in the decisions made on this site. We had to make strong design decisions not just based on established usability principles but in the aesthetic that would come from a brilliant artist/architect like Frank Lloyd Wright. We incorporated heavy use of angles outside of the standard 90 degrees in addition to the strong mobile first principles. This site is still in its early stages and in the process of setting up sales, traffic, and conversion goals. Stay posted for performance!

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USA Hockey is one of TMP’s longest standing and most profitable clients. Their site had not seen any updating outside of new banners since 2011. With the rise of mobile and other methods of viewing the web coming to light since then, it was time for an update. I lead the project after some failed UI design attempts came to light. I pushed for more mobile accessibility and a clearer navigation that could help users find their way through the site’s broad and expanding product assortment. My team worked to establish new categories and organization patterns, as well as new page designs to help clean up the experience. This was the first site outside of Miller-Coors sites to receive the new testing process and it has been performing extremely well.

Since the new site’s launch, sales have been going extremely well and are exceeding projected sales goals for the year, largely in part to mobile optimization and the rise in mobile conversions. We are also in the process of revising the desktop navigation as we have noticed increased first page dropoff on desktop visits. User videos have been set to be recorded to give us insights on the hangups of real users and we are gaining further feedback. These updates are scheduled for completion prior to the middle of November.

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Demand Detroit

In late June of 2016 Detroit (formerly Detroit Diesel) signed a deal with Turnkey Merchandising Programs to handle large scale company purchases of branded products and create a customer facing eCommerce website to drive sales of those products.

We were being put on rush to get the site launched before their large event in August. My team and I quickly jumped on the product creating wireframes and mockups, then moving forward into rapid development to move the client through to launch. The site was launched on time and with a solid Mobile-First design set to engage a growing mobile audience in today’s current eCommerce markets. In addition to creating a site that was attractive across devices, we went forward and began building a marketing audience. Currently we’ve taken advantage of remarketing and email marketing opportunities that have all been generated through the site.

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