Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can take shape in various mediums and channels. Here you'll see some of my top designs that may fall into either print, digital,or both realms of design.

USA Hockey Magazine Ad

USA Hockey Magazine is one of the most widely read print publications in the country when it comes to physical subscribers. Being a branded message from USA Hockey to direct customers to their store, we did have some branding guidelines we needed to fall in. The most challenging one was to incorporate tons of products into the advertisement and still draw in enough detail and interest to get people to come to the site and use the coupon code. We had been taking a shift into producing more lifestyle centric shots for use in our ads, so I came up with a way to creatively stitch them all together to create an exciting promotion featuring tons of cool and new products. We saw great traffic increases and several uses of the promotion code once the magazine issue was released. I took the lead in Art Direction and Layout Design. All the photography was my own as well.

Miller High Life Spring Promotion

This was one of the first promtions that started turning revenue for Design techniques were used to draw the eye down the email to encourage scrolling. Click rates were high and revenues were hitting early highs for the program. Artwork gained rave reviews from the client as well, toting it as being greatly on brand with what the company is targeting.

Elite Sportz Black Friday 2013

I created this ad for a local extreme sports shop in the Salina, KS area called Elite Sportz. They were having a huge Black Friday sale and wanted graphics for advertising. To help minimize the cost of the project we ran with the use of one graphic scaled to different sizes for web and print to be able to be used for social media and flyers to be handed out in the store and at their local paintball field. Their sales for the event were outstanding and overshot the projections for the sales event.

Edge Paintball 3 Man Hyperball Tournament Ad

I created an advertisement for a small paintball tournament held by The Edge Paintball Adventures that could be used for cross platform advertisements (Posters, Flyers, and Online Advertisements). I used my own photography and worked some Photoshop magic to make the imagery shine. I utilized bright colors and hard angles, along with strong typography to bring attention to the main headline. The hard angles also had a way of creating a visual flow that guided the viewer's eys from the main headline, down to the prizes listed below. The result was nearly 5,000 organic Facebook views (think small local business), attention from vendors to drive national attention to the tournament, more sign ups to the event, along with an incredibly successful event for the field.

2014 Campbell's Holiday Collection

The Campbell’s Holiday collection is the dream product for a select group of loyal Campbell’s Soup fans. They look forward to the product releases every year and pretty much throw money at the new calendars, ornaments, and figurines that get released each year.

It was my first year with TMP and I was assigned the task of getting this program back to where it once was. The year before there was an attempt to extend the holiday season for Campbell’s that resulted in an early holiday release and the sales of the collection flopped. The result after much collaboration with our contact’s over at Campbell’s and work with my merchandising team at TMP was this mail-order flyer and email promotion. The collection did extremely well and crushed the sales of the years prior with the email alone bringing in more than $45,000 in revenue which was almost double the previous year’s release. Not to mention increased mail-orders for the products.

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