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Logos were some of the first projects I started taking on in freelance work. I've done many logos over the past 10 years or so, these are a selection of some of my most recent, strongest, and widely used logos.

Buy Jigsaw Puzzles

TMP came into ownership of several thousand puzzles in acquiring management rights to a customized puzzle website. The company needed to find a way to liquidate that inventory of purchased puzzles and came up with the conclusion to create another eCommerce site, specifically selling puzzles and puzzle accessories. To do this, a brand presence would need to be established and an identity to fall behind. The goal was to create a logo that would reside well with a younger audience of families with children establishing a sense of playfulness. We also did not want to alienate an older audience as reports were showing that the audiences on the acquired puzzle site were at an older age. So my team and I powered through several research sessions and tons of sketches, revisions, and building off each other’s work. In the end, I came up with this idea and ran with it. I revised it several times, each making minimal changes to simplify the work and present a clean presence that would hold well with our intended audience.

National Pro Shop

This logo came shortly after I graduated from college. I was given an old logo from the store owner and was told that he missed his old brand. I jumped on the task and took cues from the old logo while incorporating a modern twist with a professional feel while still saying “Paintball”. The logo is still in use today across many platforms including the store website, signage, and marketing materials. This is one of the more well known paintball logos in Kansas and Wichita’s surrounding areas.

Edge Army Shield Logo

Edge Army is a group of teams that are sponsored by The Edge Paintball Adventures and National Pro Shop. I was a part of this organization of teams through college and I did freelance work for the field and store in exchange for merchandise and playing time regularly. This logo came out in a series of artwork that I did to be used on t-shirts for the field. It was adopted into the marketing arsenal for the organization has been a recognizable secondary logo that is heavily in use on t-shirts, team jerseys, and marketing materials for the field and store.

Russo's International Market Logo

Russo’s International Market in Grand Rapids, MI was setting out to rebrand itself. They came to TMP and my team and I jumped right on it. We hit the whiteboard running concepting, researching, and figuring out a good direction to take the brand image that would appeal to new customers without alienating a very loyal and strong current clientele. We decided to take the brand in a vintage direction to appeal to the younger hipsters in the area and still appeal to the middle aged upper middle class men and women that frequent the store. It seemed like a natural flow of events considering their long established presence in the area, and affinity for wine and craft beer. My final logo work came out on top with the client and we’ve begun moving forward with getting it implemented across the store and throughout their marketing presence.

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