About Me

I'm a designer based in the Grand Rapids area Michigan. I've been working in Battle Creek for the past couple years at Turnkey Merchandise Programs, where my team and I create engaging eCommerce sites and experiences to sell branded merchandise for large organizations.

I went to college in Kansas at McPherson College and gained my first full time design job at a small web design agency called LogicMaze in Hutchinson, Kansas. From there, I landed a job doing work for National Pro Shop and The Edge Paintball Adventures in Wichita where I took my first steps into working with digital marketing concepts and eCommerce. In this time, my family had moved to the Grand Rapids area. I felt the need to move closer to them and see where else my career would take me. Here, I've come into great success in my career. I work with great clients at large organizations and love seeing the results of my work. I look forward to seeing where my designs can take me and what new and exciting projects I'll get to work on next.

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